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About Jennifer

Don't just survive your homeschooling- thrive.

I believe you need to have fun while homeschooling, but you also need to be serious about learning. A heavy load of textbook work isn’t necessary.

For your younger students, it's better to treat math and language arts as the subjects with the highest importance. Also, remember to teach kids of multiple grade levels and learning styles by using hands-on activities, great books, and field trips.

As your children mature, you can give them more independent assignments and guide them according to their individual abilities. Some will choose to go on to college, some trade school, and others may want to start their own business.

However, whether your kids are in elementary, high school, or in-between, homeschooling gives you the opportunity for a custom approach towards each child.

My husband and I live in Metro Atlanta, where our nest is down to one chick. We are members of Wholly Loved Ministries, Word Weavers International, and I also serve on our church's Mission Assessment Team.

I can’t wait to spend time with you and help you discover a homeschooling path for your family. ​


Become a Confident Homeschooler

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