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Meet Jennifer

Southeast Homeschool Expo  (Atlanta) - July 29-30, 2022

What you can expect from me

  • I'm a professional presenter who presents a polished talk within the time limit given.

  • I’ll arrive early and stay late in order to engage with your attendees.

  • I'm someone who looks forward to working with you and making your event a success. This includes promoting on my various platforms.

  • With years of experience speaking, I’m able to make a close connection with the audience that makes them feel understood.

Speaking Topics

Homeschooling 101:
Covers all the Basics for Getting Started    

How to Teach Preschool and Lower Elementary Grades

How to Teach Upper Elementary Grades

How to Teach Middle School

Dare to Compare: Let’s Compare Schools
and Homeschool Methods

How to Have Enough Time

Use Lapbooks & Notebooks

to Motivate Your Kids

Stop Fighting with Your Kids!
5 Steps to Less Stress in Your Home    

5 Benefits of Project-Based Learning

What Socialization Means for Homeschooling

Curriculum Hacks: Considerations
For Choosing and Using Curriculum

Got Peace? Help for
Overwhelmed Homeschoolers

Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child:

How You Can & Why You Should

If you're looking for a customized event or workshop session, I am available to customize talks for your needs. Let me know what’s on your mind!

Book Me!

"The handouts were clear and informative without being an overwhelming information overload. Your warm and reassuring style is great! You raise many helpful points, and I love that you encourage us to jettison something that really isn't working."

Courtney B.

Homeschool Mom


"Such a delightful speaker! Engaging and entertaining! Informational, helpful, and willing to answer questions."

Susan E.

Homeschool Mom


"If your class was the only one I attended for the entire conference, it would still be worth the price."

Linda D.

Southeast Homeschool Expo Attendee

Become a Confident Homeschooler

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