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Homeschool Help

Let's work together so you:

  • Will enjoy time spent with your kids

  • Won’t waste time on curriculum that doesn’t fit.

  • Will have adequate records for transcripts.

Freebies and Helpful Services


Free Download

Many states require parents to write an annual progress report in each subject areas for each student.

Even if your state doesn't require one, it's a good practice to keep a record.
My sample progress report

makes it super easy!


Free 30-Minute Assessment

Not sure what you need, or if we'd be a good fit? The best way I can help you is by getting to know you. Stop the frustration and schedule your free session today!



Together, we will decide the best way I can help you with your needs.

Areas to consider are:

Homeschooling Methods and/or Curriculum, How to Schedule the School Day, Working with a Struggling Student, and more...


Yearly Planning

Do you need a school plan that doesn't take all day to implement? Start the school year strong and finish well with a plan in place. I'll take your curriculum and create a schedule for your homeschool year.


Are you considering homeschooling your children but have no idea how it's done?

Take the Mystery Out of Homeschooling:

A How-To Guide takes parents incrementally through the basics and offers practical advice so they can make informed decisions.


Transcript Preparation

Be ready to complete college applications! We'll start with a consulting session.  Then,  I'll compile your records into a transcript ready for graduation records and college entrance applications.

Reserve Your Free Consultation

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