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Homeschool Help

Meet women like yourself. 

Get meaningful help that leads to less stress and more joy. 

   Jennifer Henn homeschooled because she wanted her children to get a better education than she did.
   In school, her learning disabilities were never addressed, and she was considered difficult. When two of her three children were struggling students, she learned how to help them overcome.
   After nineteen years of homeschooling, all her children are well-adjusted adults. Jennifer is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker who will teach you the skills you need to succeed.
   She cares about you and believes that, with help, you can implement the best homeschool practices for your family’s lifestyle. Come see why she’s a favorite speaker in the Atlanta Metro.
Book Club 23' website.png
Let's talk! We'll read through You Can't Make Me, But I Can Be Persuaded and support each other. 

Everyone is invited, but our focus will be on strong-willed children

Stay tuned for information on a book deal. I look forward to meeting you!
This event includes entrance into the 2 day Expo with a full exhibit hall and a wide variety of workshops.
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