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Homeschooling doesn't

have to be frustrating.

End the guess work, the busy work and going it alone.

Get homeschool help

Southeast Homeschool Expo 

July 25 - 27, 2024


Homeschooling for Excellence 101


If More is Better, Why Do I Feel Like Crying

Beyond the ABCs: Nurturing Early Learning in Preschoolers

Math, Language, and Your Struggling Student


Your Struggling Student and The Homeschool Advantage

Home (stressed) Sweet Home


Saturday, August 31

Back to Homeschool Kickoff

Rules and Records

Staying within the laws and regulations of Georgia homeschool requirements and why it's important to the future of homeschooling. 
This will be an informative and helpful workshop. 

Coming this Fall

More Details to Come

Help When You Need It

  • Do you struggle with choosing curriculum?

  • Do you need a school plan that doesn’t take all day to implement?

  • Are you afraid you’re not doing enough?


We’ll find the curriculum that fits your needs. Then we’ll figure out if you’re doing enough, more than necessary, or what other stressors may be inhibiting your days.  

Let’s talk and see if I can help.

Homeschool Tips

See our blog  for practical help with homeschooling  grades K through 12. 

Attend a Conference

There are a number of one-day conferences on Homeschooling that are regularly held in the Atlanta Metro area. 

Come experience a small conference with a big impact!

Contact Me

  • Have a question?

  • Want to book an event?

  • Need a speaker?

I will personally read your message and get back with you soon.


Get the Book

Take the Mystery Out of Homeschooling: A How-To Guide 

This book takes parents incrementally through the basics and offers practical advice so they can make informed decisions.  Jennifer puts your mind at ease. If you want to homeschool and need a resource for success, this book is for you!    




“ Jennifer has been such a gift to us! Every homeschool family has a journey, and as ours took some very unexpected turns, she was there to meet us…very knowledgeable, attentive, and open-minded to the best curriculum for our kids and family preferences. We will continue to trust her as our needs change, to ensure we keep on a path to success!”

Kim R.


Meet Jennifer

I’m Jennifer Henn, the Homeschooler's Helper.

I know the challenges and fears homeschooling mothers face when they make the decision to homeschool their children. I faced those same obstacles when I began homeschooling my own children. 

Let me share a few truths with you:

  1. You don’t need everything figured out by the first day of school.

  2. You can school your children and still have fun.

  3. You won’t find a perfect school.


Become a Confident Homeschooler

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