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8 Reasons to Homeschool

Here’s a list of reasons to homeschool. It isn’t an exhausted list, but the beginning of a list you can add to.

· The youngest children learn from older siblings.

· Siblings study subjects together and help one another.

· Children advance by ability, not grade or age.

· Kids can sleep longer in the morning.

· You can vacation when public school is in session and enjoy smaller crowds at popular destinations.

· Kids stay close to home when they’re young and most impressionable.

· Parents choose the reading materials.

· The family is exposed to fewer germs.

When you homeschool, avoid a solo act. Find friends for yourself and the kids along with help and encouragement. Homeschooled kids don't stay home all week. They have play dates, classes, lessons, sports, clubs, and many other things they participate in.

My best advice is to start—even though you don’t have all the answers. You’ll find the way for your family. There will be twist and turns. Focus on where you are now, and don’t worry about the next seven to ten years.

Homeschooling is an awesome opportunity that continues to grow in popularity. If you've ever wondered what it's like---don't use quarantine and isolation to answer your question!

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