Homeschool Consulting with Jennifer Henn

When a Homeschool Consultation Brings Relief

I thought you might like to see part of a report I sent a mother  after a homeschool consultation. She’s a mother of young children who’d recently moved into the area. Prior to our session, she thought she’d blown her year and didn’t feel confident moving forward. Her husband encouraged her to make an appointment with me.

Hands-down, my favorite thing is encouraging parents who’ve decided to homeschool.  (I’ve changed the names for privacy)

Homeschool Consulting with Jennifer Henn

Dear Kristen,

Thank you for having me to your home Thursday night. You’re doing well with your limited space. Your heart to preserve through a housing situation that you didn’t expect is admirable. Remember, if you’re content, it will help your children to be content too.

You’re at a fabulous place in homeschooling, the beginning! Don’t fret about this year or the year before. Jason is bright and doing things to move forward in learning. Add a plan for disciplined studies (math and language arts), a project for history and science, and read a lot of good books. Implement these things and you will be giving him a strong foundation to build on.

Remember, my recommendations are just that, don’t turn any program into law. Pray that you will be able to discern what is best for your children. When to push— and what you can let go of. Enjoy every season, each year brings different joys and challenges…

Everyone Needs Help

I followed this with specific recommendations based on her children’s strengths and what she had already purchased but didn’t get finished in a year. Too often, parents don’t take a wide enough view of what is being accomplished. Instead, they focus on what they feel didn’t go right. Someone else, a few years ahead of you, can see through all the little daily struggles. The ones that make you feel like a failure.

I hope you have someone in your life to cheer you on. What’s been your experience with getting help from a homeschool mom with more experience than you?

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