About Jennifer

Don't just survive your homeschooling- thrive.

I believe you need to have fun while homeschooling, but also be serious about learning. A heavy load of textbook work isn’t necessary . Keep math and language arts as the highest importance. Then, combine learning styles and grade levels by reading great books, working through extended projects, hands-on activities, and field trips. 

That’s how I bring a balanced approach to homeschool, and I can’t wait to show you how!

My story:

As a little girl, I played house and pretended to keep my kids at home for school, even though I’d never heard of homeschooling.

In my twenties, and on my second date with my now husband, I said, “When I have kids, I want to stay home with them.” After we married and started a family, I longed for our children to have a better school experience than I’d had. 

Afraid I couldn’t do it, but refusing to give into the doubt, I began to homeschool our oldest child. I went on to homeschool all three of our children for a total of eighteen years.

Are you new to or considering homeschooling?

From Jennifer's years of teaching Homeschooling 101, she knows the questions parents new to homeschooling ask and answers them in this book.

Become a Confident Homeschooler